Atlassian Confluence Docker from Idalko

I needed to install a Confluence instance for my internal testing but I wanted to use the Postgres database not the internal one.

First I had a look at the docker shipped by Atlassian:

I found a section about using external database but there was no examples. Of course I could create a docker with Postgres, create a Confluence database there, but it would take me more time than I wanted to spend on it.

Then I remembered that Idalko had a tool in Python for running dockers. I typed Idalko docker and got a link to this page:

I was surprised, it is not a Python project anymore. It is already can be considered as a product.

Moreover there was an example how to run this docker with a Postgres database. Here is the example:

version: '3'
    image: idalko/atlassian-confluence
      - CONF_ARGS=-Datlassian.plugins.enable.wait=300
      - ./data:/opt/atlassian/confluence/data
      - 8090:8090
    restart: always

    image: postgres:9.6
      - POSTGRES_PASSWORD=secret
      - POSTGRES_USER=confluence
      - POSTGRES_DB=confluence
      - ./db:/var/lib/postgresql/data
    restart: always

I created a docker-compose.yml file out of this code and ran the following code in the terminal:

docker-compose up

Then I opened a browser and connected to this url:


I had a standard Confluence setup page. I configured the database:

Then I was asked a couple of other standard questions and I had a Confluence instance running with a Postgres database.

Also the Confluence home directory was mapped to the data folder and Postgres data to the db folder:

Amazing! I spent a couple of minutes to setup everything. Thank you Idalko!

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