Software developer. Atlassian Community Leader and Moscow Atlassian User Group Co-orginizer

Atlassian enthusiast

During my career I mostly worked as a software developer. I came across Atlassian products in 2015. I installed, upgraded and migrated Atlassian products. I developed apps for Atlassian products using Continuous integration, Continuous testing, Continuous Deployment and Continuous monitoring principles. I also configured Atlassian products using out of the box features and apps including scripting apps like Power Scripts and Scriptrunner.

I troubleshot performance problems and unexpected behaviour of Atlassian products.

I worked in teams as an Architect, a Team lead and a developer and worked alone.

I am an Atlassian Community Leader and Moscow Atlassian Group co-organizer. You can find a post about me here.

I write articles about Atlassian products and speak at meetups and conferences about Atlassian.

My Past Experience

Senior Product Architect at Appfire
(2021 – currently)
I develop apps for Atlassian Server/Data Center and Cloud products.

Software developer at Cprime
(2018 – 2021)
I develop software for Atlassian products and perform migrations.

Senior Software Architect at Raiffeisen Bank
(2017 – 2018)
Architect of Atlassian Products

Consultant at Central Bank of Russia
(2001 – 2017)
Software developer/ Team lead for SAP, Oracle DB, MS Sharepoint, MS Project/Project Server, Aris, Atlassian products.

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