Change login screen in Grafana OSS


In this article I will show you how to change Grafana OSS login screen.

You can watch the video for this article here

Here is the login screen in Grafana by default.

  1. Change favicon and the window title (in white rectangle in the screenshot below).

1.1. To change the favicon copy your replace /usr/share/grafana/public/img/fav32.png with your file.

1.2. Replace Grafana with IT Superhighway

1.2.1 Open file /usr/share/grafana/public/views/index.html and replace <title>[[.AppTitle]]</title> with <title>IT Superhighway</title>. Grafana needs a restart after this change (systemctl stop grafana-service and systemctl start grafana-service)

1.2.2 Go to /usr/share/grafana/public and find files with Welcome to Grafana string in them:

grep -rnwl ‘./’ -e ‘Welcome to Grafana’
There are will several files. We are interested in the file which ends with .js and starts with 8 In my case the name of the file is ./build/8534.e679449576cebd9f6b2c.js

Open the file and look for AppTitle=”Grafana” string in the file and replace Grafana with IT Superhighway.
2. Change Welcome to Grafana to Welcome to IT Superhighway.

Open the file which you found in 1.2.2 and look for Welcome To Grafana. Replace it with Welcome to IT Superhighway.

3. Let’s change the icon above Welcome to IT Superhighway to our own image.

Put your file into /usr/share/grafana/public/img. Open the file from 1.2.2 and look for grafana_icon.svg. Replace grafana_icon.svg with your own file name.

4. The icon looks too small. Let’s make it bigger. Open the file from 1.2.2 and look for loginLogo:t.css. Replace

@media ${s.mediaUp(} {
max-width: 250px;

5. Let’s replace the background.

Replace file /usr/share/grafana/public/img/g8_login_dark.svg with your own file.

6. Let’s replace the background of the login form itself.

Open the file from 1.2.2 and look for .login-content-box. Replace with

.login-content-box {
opacity: 1;
background-color: #527ebf!important;

Here is the result

7. Let’s change Grafana icon with in other places like when Grafana is loading or dashboards

Replace file /usr/share/grafana/public/img/grafana_icon.svg with your own file.

Here is the result.

That is it. Now Grafana looks according to your design.

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